Standard Workshops

My off-the-peg workshops are:

  • Effective Writing for Communications, Marketing and PR – Packed full of practical exercises, this workshop is for all communications, PR and marketing personnel who want to improve their writing skills – either for their own written work or to be able to provide specific, useful and constructive feedback on the writing of others. It covers style, tone of voice, audience, impact and structure. Trainees are provided with a step-by-step guide on how to plan and approach a piece of writing.
  • Press Release Writing – Essential for all PR staff, or anyone who manages them, this hands-on interactive workshop looks at news value, news creation, press release structure and style. Trainees leave with a step-by-step guide on how to write a release (with extremely useful tips on writing the headline, lead paragraph and quotes).
  • Modern Grammar – Your brand is undermined by any staff member who fails to understand how to use apostrophes correctly or who lets modifiers dangle (even in emails). This exercise-packed workshop highlights common grammatical and punctuation problems – and explains how to avoid them. Topics covered include: apostrophes, colons, semi colons, job titles, verb agreement, tenses, common spelling errors, dangling modifiers, dashes, hyphens and capitalisation.
  • Writing Opinion Pieces – An opinion piece from one of your brand’s senior leaders in your key trade or specialist press is a wonderful brand awareness and positioning tool. But it must be arresting and fantastically well-written to do its job. This workshop explains how to pitch such a piece in – and how to write one any commissioning editor will love. Five impactful opening strategies are outlined. Trainees are then shown how to develop an argument and see off any counter arguments – as eloquently and succinctly as possible,
  • Editing and Proofing – Useful for all communications, marketing and PR professionals, this practical workshop shows exactly how to make an over-long, unpolished text shine. Packed full of tips and advice, it highlights common flaws and shows how to correct them. Tone of voice and grammar are also covered.

All of these workshops are highly interactive and are, accordingly, designed for groups of up to ten people – to ensure all trainees receive individual feedback. Each takes three hours and is accompanied by a detailed hand-out.