I have always wanted to be an author. As a child, I wrote ‘Me and my Baby Clanger’s Adventures in the Tardis’, an unsung work of genius inspired by my TV viewing habits. I thought that when I grew up I’d spend my days imagining characters and their adventures. Sadly, after gaining an English degree I couldn’t quite work out how to put that plan into action. In an age when creative writing was still deemed unteachable, there weren’t many suitable courses. Besides, I had money to earn – what with the McClements trust fund being a half-eaten packet of dry-roasted peanuts and some loose change my mum had found down the back of the sofa.

I accidentally found myself working in PR (to be honest, I didn’t really know what it was at first, although if you’ve worked in PR, you can probably understand that that wasn’t really an issue) and journalism. Career highlights included:

With my husband, 11-year-old daughter and Zuchon, I live in Brighton, where I now run my own eco content writing business – because I’ve come to the conclusion that trying to keep our planet habitable is more than a bit of a thing.

In my spare time, I write middle grade stories for children and am currently enrolled on The Golden Egg 12-month programme for Writing for Children and Young Adults programme.